Trentino, Summer 2008

End of July 2008 I spend a week in Trentino (in the North of Italy). A week in the mountains, with nice company, I really needed that.

And here is an extra broad panorama (click on the picture to open it in a new window; if necessary, click on the picture in the new window to see it at 100%).


If you like to see more, I’ve converted the log files of my gps into KMZ files (download zip file with the 6 KMZ files). You can open these in Google Earth (free software) and see the hikes, in 3D… If you don’t want to install Google Earth, you can see the hikes in 2D at following website: GPS Visualizer. To do that, you need to upload the log files of my gps (download zip file with the 6 log-files) and choose ‘Google Maps’ as output formaat. If you want to see the elevation we mastered, you can choose ‘elevation profile’. But that won’t be perfect… And for some hikes I don’t have a complete log file: the battery didn’t last as long as I hoped it would…


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