Snow shoes, Trentino, December 2008

It is an endavour to get to Cogolo di Peio in Trentino, Italy (starting from Antwerp), but from my previous trips I know that it is worth while (summer 2007 and summer 2008). The reception by Giulio and Orianna is very warm, the surroundings beautiful. And this time it was on snow shoes… The weeks before my trip, there had been a lot of snow, during my stay, we had sun most of the time.

And here are two panoramas (click on the pictures to open them in a new window; if necessary, click on the pictures in the new window to see it at 100%).

And for those who would like to see our trekkings in Google Earth wil bekijken, here is a zip-file with the kmz-files from all trekkings. These files can be opened in in Google Earth and than you can even see the hikes in 3D… Unfortunately it is not completely correct: due to the cold and the limited lifetime of the batteries, I had to keep the gps device in my pocket, which sometimes blocked the reception of the signal. But nevertheless, it’s fun to see.


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