I’ve just spent a week in La Jarjatte, a really small town on the border of the ‘Alpes du Nord’ and ‘Alpes du Sud’. It is located in a really beautiful valley, with lots of hiking opportunies (which was of course the main goal of my trip). The weather was rather unpredictable several days, but our – very capable – mountain guide Stéphanie succeeded in taking us to that one place where the sun did shine.

There is also a very wide variety of – some quite unique – plants, sometimes even with assorted butterflies… We were lucky: the flowers were blooming a bit later then usual, Stéphanie told us, as she was initiating us into the beautiful flora.

Also diner and picknick (provided by the gîte) were excellent. So, a week enjoying life… (and, just pro forma, a little bit of suffering when climbing a steep mountain, it was an active holiday… 😉 ).


PS: picture 21, third from the left, that’s me.

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