What a contrast! After my visit to Oradour-sur-Glane and a really enjoyable week in the mountains, I flew to Chicago for a conference and on my way back I staid a few days in New York City. From the calm of the Col des Aiguilles to the fuss of Times Square. From the pure air of the Alpes to a strange mix of, wel, euh, al kinds of smells, pleasing and unpleasant.

NYC is certainly a please with a photo opportunity on every street corner. In the WE, certainly when the weather is nice, Central Park is ‘the place to be’. With sporting people, creative people, strange people… But also the rest of ‘the city that never sleeps’ is attractive. Like the free hugs on Union Square (the white guy wasn’t real succesful… would his t-shirt be too conflicting with the free hugs?).

But not only was the contrast huge with the week before. Also within the city the contrst is huge… It is a city of extremes, picture 8 shows it perfectly: a model / hostess with a publicity for ‘Brazil 2014’ under her arm, the homeless man doesn’t care.

Interesting from a photographic point of view was the way the sun – when it was not at its highest point – was playing with the ubiquitous glass on the buildings. Which sometimes gave an unusual light on objects, on people. Like in picture nr 3.


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