On my way to my vacation (see previous post), I made a small detour. To bring me to Oradour-sur-Glane (France). Chances are quite high that the name of this small village near Limoges doesn’t ring any bell. However, it is the scene of one of those horrors of war that shouldn’t be forgotten…

Saturday June 10th 1944, just after noon, all inhabitants were gathered by the German troops. What first seemed to be an ‘ordinary’ identity check soon became a horrible and completely pointless massacre… First the men were gunned down, next the women and children were gathered in the church, which was blown up and burned down. In picture nr 11 you can seen the remnants of a baby carriage, which was near the altar.

The village has not been altered since that day in 1944. It is a national monument. As a place to reflect on the horror of war.


PS: a small technical note: the colors of the images were slightly adapted, via DxO FilmPack I gave them a ‘Polaroid look’.

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