Today a lighter note than yesterday (see post below: The Fortress of Breendonk). This afternoon I went into town with a new camera (Sony Nex 5) with an old lens (Minolta MD 135 f3.5), via a special MD to Nex adapter. And with this combo I went ‘window shopping’. This time of the year the windows in shopping streets are of course excellently decorated and a nice subject. But one with some extra difficulties, like the window glass in between, which can cause loss of sharpness and which brings reflections with it. Which can give special effects of course…

The last picture of this series reminds me a bit of the scream by Edvard Munch. Well, shopping does tend to have that effect on ‘real man’… 😉


PS: during the processing of the RAW files in DxO, I gave them a ‘Kodachrome 25’ look. So the colors you see are not the typical Minolta colors you often hear about.

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