Some things are of such a bad quality, that they are appealing. A Holga is one of these things: a plastic camera, with a plastic lens. A really, really basic camera. Recently they introduced their lenses for multiple mounts of ‘normal’ cameras. And with their price setting, I couldn’t resist to order a set. Earlier this week I received the standard lens, a wide angle, a tele and a set of close up and macro lenses. And all of that for less than 100 US $, including shipment. 🙂

Such a Holga is something completely different from my ordinary set of lensens: razor sharp Carl Zeiss lenses. But it is appealing. The past days I’ve put it on my Sony Nex 5 on a regular basis. And the results, ok some of the results, are quite interesting.

I have to tell that I did some post processing. Next to the ordinary ‘raw processing’ in DxO, I’ve added the effect of old films. Depending on the picture this was either a Fuji Velvia 50 or a Kodak Kodachrome 25.


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