This is the fifth and last series of pictures from my trip to the former DDR (GDR). These are pictures taken on the road. E.g. from a park in Weimar where there is a WWII cemetery from the Russian army, which wasn’t on the plan that I got from the tourist information…

On the road I’ve seen many, many houses, buildings that were in a very bad state. Which were probably neglected since the war… E.g. in Bernburg I have seen many magnificent buildings, but in a (very) bad state. The reconstruction is still a work in progress. And progress is slow… That’s why some people are longing for certainties from the past, for simple solutions.

The last two nights I staid in Schönebeck/Bad Salzelmen near Magdeburg. A spa resort, with beautiful villas. In the neighbourhood of the hotel about all buildings were renovated, but further down the town, there still was some work to do.

Conclusion of my trip? You can ruin a country in a short time. Reconstruction however takes a long, long time… More than twenty years after die Wende, more than sixty five years after the end of WWII, there still is a lot of reconstruction to be done in the Eastern part of Germany.


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