Today it was the last issue this year of ‘Lambermontmartre’, a market place for artists in Antwerp.

The pictures were taken with a very special lens: the Minolta MC Rokkor-PG 58mm f1.2. I recently bought this from eBay, for a reasonable price (sometimes the prices are very unreasonable). The 58mm f1.2 is quite famous, both in MC and MD version. Especially the bokeh (the unsharpness when shot wide open) is legendary. Yesterday morning I already made some pictures to test the bokeh and certainly with macro and close ups it is really pretty. But even with street photography like this series it is nice. Judge for yourself! However, there is one disadvantage: ‘purple fringing’, which is clearly visible in the second image. Via the right adapter this lens can easily be mounted on a Sony NEX (in this case a NEX 7). I had to get used to use manual focussing again… even with the ‘focus peaking’ on a NEX that supports the focussing.



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