At this moment Manifesta 9 takes place in Waterschei/Genk. It is a ‘nomadic biannual event’ which combines contemporary art with older art and industrial heritage. On Friday evenings it is open untill 22h, making it a nice opportunity to visit the impressive site of Waterschei by moonlight. And regarding that moonlight: timing is everything… Yesterday was the last Friday evening I could visit Manifesta 9. The day before I consulted The Photographer’s Ephemeris to know at what time the sun was setting and the moon was rising. And moonrise seemed to be quite perfect: just before the sun was setting. But it also told me that it would be a full moon… On my way to Waterschei, I heared on the radio that it would not be just any full moon, it would be a ‘blue moon’. A kind of unique moment. And certainly with a unique picture as a result.

The pictures are a combination of the site and the buildings, pieces of art and also some images from the mining museum that is located in the same buildings.



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