For about a decade I travel for my job during fall to Rochester, upstate New York. In the past it used to be mid November, but this year it was mid October. Which was a much better period from a photographic point of view: the turning of the leaves. So I extended my official trip with a few days of vacation. Which I spend in the Adirondack National Park. Somewhere on a hill next to the Thirteenth Lake you can find Garnet Hill Lodge, an oasis of peace and quiet, and my base for the few days in the park. And the turning of the leaves was really colorfull…


PS: flying to/from Rochester (or any other smaller airports) can be an adventure… I’m always flying Delta, so I have the choice of using either JFK or Atlanta as the hub. In the past years I had so many troubles with connections in JFK (delays, cancellations, …) that I only fly via Atlanta, which is a few hours further from home. And sometimes also long connection times, for this trip it was 5 hours when flying to Rochester… So I have a lot of time to read, to run around and see if there are interesting people on other flights, e.g. to/from cities like Valdosta.


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It’s great that you had a chance to spend a few days in the mountains. I grew up close to them, and we went there a lot when I was young. But the last time I was in the Adirondacks was on our honeymoon 28 years ago! Even though we could drive there in only a few hours, life gets busy! Now I can enjoy them vicariously through your beautiful photographs!


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