The first WE of June there is each year a big fight near my home: De Quaeye Werelt, a re-enactment of a battle in 1447.  The whole WE you can see how life was in those days, with a big camp, a real tavern and hundreds of people, including some kings an queens. De battle itself is a one hour long clash between a large number of knights and infantry. Which is always a nice spectacle.

Also the previous years I’ve visited De Quaeye Werelt multiple times: 2011, 2009 and 2008.

And one technical note: these images were taken with the new Sony 70-400 G II, which has proven to be a very good lens. Certainly sharpness and contrast are very good (my reference lens is the Sony 135mm f1.8 CZ, which is my favorite lens). And autofocus is much better than the 70-300 G I had with me in 2011. The 70-300 G really had issues to focus in the fight, which is of course not easy: everything, everybody is moving whole the time. But with the 70-400 G II the focus was usually quite fast on my A900. Only when it had to bridge a large distance between the old and new focus point, it could take 1 or 2 seconds. So in general I’m really happy with it. Please note that all the pictures were taken hand held (so no monopod or tripod): the last image of the owl could have been slightly sharper, but it was really windy and cold at that moment. And my arm muscles were getting tired after holding the 3 kg camera/lens combo in front of my eye for over an hour… 🙂


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