Earlier this week, when I came back from the supermarket, I saw TinTin standing in front of a window. Looking kind of melancholic. He was gazing at the clouds passing by. He was in a house not that far from where I live. This afternoon I went back and TinTin was till there, looking at everything that passed his window… Longing for a new adventure?

It reminds me of a conversation I recently had during my vacation (Lechtal). One of the fellow travellers asked me if I had the time to enjoy the beautifull scenery: “You’re always busy taking pictures, you can’t be able to enjoy the scenery?” Au contraire, my dear! Actually because I’m so much involved with pictures, I ‘absorb’ the environment much more than other people do. I see more than other people do. Just like TinTin staring out of his window… I wonder how many people in my street have seen this?



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