In my previous blog post, I already told about my photo trip to France. But I didn’t go there to make pictures of kite surfers, my goal was to photograph an interesting sunset. And the second day I was lucky. I was back in Le Havre just in time,  the setting was more than perfect… Beautiful sky, only a few people on the beach, not many boats at the sea. Just beautiful…

Usually I don’t discuss equipment on my photo blog, it’s just a tool. But in this case I have to tell something about it, these kind of pictures don’t come out of just any camera. The camera I use, is a jewel: a Sony A7R. It’s amazing what that sensor can capture! Especially when you put good lenses on it (e.g. the CZ-lenses from Sony, really top class). And then you need good software to get everything out of the images what is in there, but which isn’t revealed by the standard conversion of the camera. I’ve been using DxO Optics Pro for years to do the conversion of the RAW files. The last year I’ve really improved my skills with that software, resulting in better pictures. And just over a week ago, they launched an update, with a new kind of optimisation: ‘ClearView’. An option that can really get more information out of a sensor, gradations you didn’t know they were in there… Last week I’ve converted a few recent images with it, the ClearView results were kind of impressive… with just ‘one click’, where I otherwise need minutes of tweaking and not getting close. And that’s what you see in the pictures above. Without ClearView and the A7R sensor, the pictures would not have been like this…



6 thoughts on “Sunset (Le Havre), November 2014

  1. Beautiful images, really stunning! The gradations are indeed beautiful. My favourite is the 3rd image, with the tiny little twinkles of light in the darkness resembling a starry night…

  2. Your images are astonishing. Truly. I love the intense color without being over saturated, the gradations, and the overall mood.
    What lenses did you use for those images?


  3. Thanks for the info, Eddy.
    I’m using Lightroom right now as a raw converter, and I also have a very similar setup to yours. I’m tempted to try DxO optics as well…


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