Snapshots, September 2020

The best camera is the one you have with you. And that’s the big challenge: to find a camera that you can almost always have with you and still deliver the quality you want. 

Because of the corona virus, my summer vacation was mainly one in my own home, in my own city. One of tidying up and disposing of things I don’t use (anymore), most of it to the recycling store, some more expensive photo stuff directly to a new owner. 

Coincidentally at that moment I also came across a message about the new ‘street edition’ of a camera I didn’t really know yet: the Ricoh GR III. A short search for reviews and pictures turned out that this really is a unique thing: it fits in your pocket (literally!), it has a large, capable sensor (APS-C format) and a good lens, although with a fixed focal length. After reading some more reviews and also looking at a lot of pictures taken with it, I took the plunge, with the budget of the sold stuff. And I haven’t regretted it yet… It’s a camera I carry with me very often now, for example when I go for a walk or bike ride. And the results are great. Judge for yourself.

For the sake of completeness: I use the ‘cross-over’ filter in the camera and edit that image afterwards in DxO PhotoLab. 


PS: there is also a bit of a cult around those GR cameras. This is the official website, with a lot of pictures of GRists (photographers who work with a GR camera). 


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