Ten years ago, on that September the eleventh, I was also here. I should have flown back to Belgium that day. Which didn’t happen of course. Eventually I could fly back three days later, with one of the first flights that could depart. Those three extra days are the most unreal of my live…

My body is still somewhat on European time (it was only my second night here), so I was awake quite early. Just before sunrise I went for a walk, to Millenium Park, to make some pictures of ‘cloud gate’ (aka ‘the bean’). A nice piece of art and on a day like this, you can even see a deeper meaning to it: our view on the world can be quite twisted…

It is being said that timing is everything, but that’s not true: when I was taking pictures at sunrise, I certainly wasn’t the only one. Some had much more (and maybe even better) equipment with them. But they didn’t see what was going on… They positioned themselves in a certain spot and waited for something to happen. Therefor they missed e.g. the ‘double sunrise’ in picture #12… None of the other photographers saw this, none made a picture of it. Their timing might have been right, but they didn’t have an eye for all the photo opportunities. That’s a shame.

The last evening of my visit to Chicago, I went back to the bean, to take some pictures when the sun was setting.

BTW: since this was a business trip, I only had my NEX5 with me (with the CZ16-80 mounted on it), not the A900 that I usually drag with me.


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