Chinese New Year, February 2018

Last WE the Chinese community in Antwerp celebrated New Year, with a traditional danse of the dragon. Eddy


Musicians, February 2018

There are a lot of musicians in my partners family. And during a surprise birthday party they all played some nice songs. Here are a few impressions. Eddy


2017 In Focus

It’s the last day of 2017, time for an overview… I didn’t make as many pictures as the previous years, but some of them are interesting. And all the best for 2018! Eddy


Cologne, December 2017

This year we celebrated Christmas in Cologne (Germany). Most people will know the Dom (cathedral), but Cologne also has a large amount of very old churches (around 1000 bc). And there are also lots of interesting museums, which can be visited quite cheaply with a tourist pass. And the most interesting part: our hotel was… Read more »


China Light, December 2017

It has become a tradition: the China Light festival in the Antwerp Zoo. With this year again some really nice lights, and also beautiful integrated into the rest of the zoo (e.g. the first image). Eddy


Dark clouds, November 2017

There is one advantage to this time of the year: the beautiful clouds… The first and last picture were taken in Antwerp, the others during a hike in the neighbourhood of Kortrijk. While we started with sunshine, a heavy storm caught up with us… Eddy


Butterflies, October 2017

It seems a bit weird to me, but these days there are still lots of butterflies flying around… In case you notice that these pictures look a bit different, that’s because they are made with a very special lens: a reproduction of the very first photographic lens, a ‘daguerrotype achromat’. And this certainly isn’t my… Read more »


Wiltshire, August 2017

This is a part of Engeland I wasn’t familiar with: Wiltshire. And it’s a pretty part of England. With nice cottages, beautiful castles and plenty of rocks (with Stonehenge being the best known).  Just outside Wiltshire is Portsmouth, with an impressive maritime museum. Eddy


Ulm, July 2017

On our way back home we stopped in the German city of Ulm. Which has a nice cathedral, which was in contrast with the cathedrals we saw in France. Eddy


Trentino, July 2017

And after a lot of culture (see previous posts) some hiking in the mountains… Eddy

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