Lezing door Oscar van den Boogaard over zijn boek Kindsoldaat in Boekenhuis Theoria te Kortrijk.

Oscar, April 2018

Oscar van den Boogaard is a Dutch writer who got a lot of attention lately, with his book ‘Kindsoldaat’ (child soldier). During a lecture that we attended, he gave some background about the book. A story about his life, the life of his parents, his grand parents and how past, present and future are interwoven,… Read more »


Bees and bluebells, April 2018

It’s the time of the year to admire the bluebells. Some places in Flanders are world famous for the forests turning blue, but also close to my place I can find some fields of bluebells. And the bees love them… Eddy


Malaga, April 2018

Two places in Malaga that are worth to visit, are the Market Halls (Mercado) and the Center Pompidou Malaga. Here are some impressions. Eddy


Alhambra, April 2018

Since we weren’t that far from Granada, we had to visit the Alhambra. Our visit was rather short, due to the rain. But even then: the palaces are impressive! Especially considering they were built in the 14th century… Especially when comparing them with the additions by Charles V in the 16th century (unless he was… Read more »


Andalusia, April 2018

Andalusia (in the South of Spain) is usually a sunny and warm place. Except the week that we were there… At the last moment we put a sweater in our suitcase, we really needed it… But, even in the cold Andalusia is a nice place to be. Eddy 


CWxRM, April 2018

CWxRM – in full: Coming World Remember Me – is an artistic project that wants to commemorate the 600.000 victims of World War I on Belgian soil. For each of the 600.000 victims a small statue was created, by a volunteer, who ‘adopted’ one of the victims. It’s a story that started nine years ago… Read more »


Chinese New Year, February 2018

Last WE the Chinese community in Antwerp celebrated New Year, with a traditional danse of the dragon. Eddy


Musicians, February 2018

There are a lot of musicians in my partners family. And during a surprise birthday party they all played some nice songs. Here are a few impressions. Eddy


2017 In Focus

It’s the last day of 2017, time for an overview… I didn’t make as many pictures as the previous years, but some of them are interesting. And all the best for 2018! Eddy


Cologne, December 2017

This year we celebrated Christmas in Cologne (Germany). Most people will know the Dom (cathedral), but Cologne also has a large amount of very old churches (around 1000 bc). And there are also lots of interesting museums, which can be visited quite cheaply with a tourist pass. And the most interesting part: our hotel was… Read more »

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