Heritage Day: the Jeweler, April 2019

The next stop during Heritage Day was a jeweler, Pascale Masselis. Her shop has a unique interior (both as such and the story behind it), beautiful creations and there was a nice demonstration.  Eddy

Heritage Day: the Taxidermist, April 2019

Last WE it was Heritage Day in Flanders. One of the places I visited, was Sir-Arthur – Art by Nature, a taxidermist. Next to a fascinating explanation and live demonstration, the shop was also filled with beautiful creations.  Eddy

The Debate, April 2019

People with a passion are a joy to photograph. And if there is one special kind of people with a passion, it must be politicians. Earlier this week I was at the national nuclear weapons debate, as the photographer of one of the organizers. Here are some pictures, e.g. politicians trying to convince opponents and… Read more »

Moving Fire Arts – Theatrum Movere, April 2019

This was the pinnacle of The City of Wings Ypres for me: Theatrum Movere of Moving Fire Arts (now, I have to admit that I have only seen a fraction of the huge range of performances). Due to a fortunate coincidence I have seen them twice: once in the afternoon and a second time after… Read more »

The City of Wings Ypres, April 2019

For those who love street theater, it is the place to be: the street theater festival City of Wings Ypres. Almost 100 groups gave the best of themselves, an abundance of performances, choice stress was not far away… The best performance that I saw was undoubtedly Mimo Huenchulaf, who also continuously and actively involved the… Read more »

King of the jungle, April 2019

The lion, the lioness, they are beautiful animals. But not always as easy as a photo model. I remember the story in the newspaper, a few years ago, by the photographer of the Zoo of Antwerp. For some occasion they wanted a photo of the pair. The photographer had been waiting for a few days… Read more »

No Light Without Shadow, March 2019

‘No Light Without Shadow’ is a theater play by Pax Christi (the peace movement in Belgium), on on guilt, retribution, detention, giving opportunities, building a new life, maybe even recovery. Here are some pictures from a recent performance, with some images of the setting, the warming up, the play. Eddy

Snowschoes (Stubaital), February 2019

Over the past few weeks Austria received a lot of fresh snow, some regions over two meters of fresh snow… And because I didn’t have anything important in my agenda last week, I made a very last minute decision to go hiking in the snow. In the Stubaital, which I already visited in 2012.  The… Read more »

Bloodmoon, January 2019

Early birds could witness a unique spectacle this morning, if they wanted. Not only was it a blood moon (full lunar eclipse), but also a super moon (moon at the closest point) and a wolf moon (first full moon of the year). So a blood super wolf moon. Or is it a blood super wolf… Read more »

2018 In Focus

2018 has come to an end, here is my list. With pretty pictures, with pictures that have a special meaning for me. A number of these I haven’t published before. Eddy

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