De Quaeye Werelt, June 2019

It certainly wasn’t the first time that I visited this event to make pictures: De Quaeye Werelt. Each time it is a nice spectacle, with nicely dressed participants. This year I also spend some time in the camp, where you can see a lot of work by real craftsman. Eddy

Weed (and other flowers), May 2019

What’s the difference between weed and flowers? Only just an opinion, the way you look at them. And with the right eye, weed can be pretty as well… Eddy

Heritage Day: the Jeweler, April 2019

The next stop during Heritage Day was a jeweler, Pascale Masselis. Her shop has a unique interior (both as such and the story behind it), beautiful creations and there was a nice demonstration.  Eddy

Heritage Day: the Taxidermist, April 2019

Last WE it was Heritage Day in Flanders. One of the places I visited, was Sir-Arthur – Art by Nature, a taxidermist. Next to a fascinating explanation and live demonstration, the shop was also filled with beautiful creations.  Eddy

The Debate, April 2019

People with a passion are a joy to photograph. And if there is one special kind of people with a passion, it must be politicians. Earlier this week I was at the national nuclear weapons debate, as the photographer of one of the organizers. Here are some pictures, e.g. politicians trying to convince opponents and… Read more »

Tulips, April 2019

The fields with tulips are becoming more and more a tourist attraction. These pictures were taken in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, in the neighborhood of Hulst. But apparently I was rather late, on many of the fields the tulips were already picked. Eddy

Moving Fire Arts – Theatrum Movere, April 2019

This was the pinnacle of The City of Wings Ypres for me: Theatrum Movere of Moving Fire Arts (now, I have to admit that I have only seen a fraction of the huge range of performances). Due to a fortunate coincidence I have seen them twice: once in the afternoon and a second time after… Read more »

The City of Wings Ypres, April 2019

For those who love street theater, it is the place to be: the street theater festival City of Wings Ypres. Almost 100 groups gave the best of themselves, an abundance of performances, choice stress was not far away… The best performance that I saw was undoubtedly Mimo Huenchulaf, who also continuously and actively involved the… Read more »

Bluebells, April 2019

It’s the time of the year that some forests in Flanders color purple: the bluebells. The ‘Hallerbos’ is the best known, even Chinese tourists have this in their travel plan. But there are also other places, like e.g. the ‘Rivierenhof’, the large park just around my corner. And the advantage of the Rivierenhof is that… Read more »

King of the jungle, April 2019

The lion, the lioness, they are beautiful animals. But not always as easy as a photo model. I remember the story in the newspaper, a few years ago, by the photographer of the Zoo of Antwerp. For some occasion they wanted a photo of the pair. The photographer had been waiting for a few days… Read more »

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