De l’Amour / De Haan, December 2023

Some photos require a little more preparation than others, and a dose of luck doesn’t hurt either. For example, these photos of De l’Amour (not to be confused with Amour!). There is only fifteen minutes every evening with those beautiful, deep blue skies. And I would also have liked to have some moving clouds on it. So I had been looking at De Haan’s weather reports and webcam every day for a week… And then I wanted that extra touch of magic to really make ‘amour’ stand out (no, no tricks afterwards in Photoshop!). So a lot of preparation work went into these photos, including waiting for the right moment.
And when I was first taking some pictures of the sea, it turned out to be a full moon, playing hide and seek with the clouds… Plus a plane that had started landing at the airport in Ostend… So it was a nice photo trip.


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