Finally I had a week of vacation. A hiking week at the border of Germany and Austria: Allgäu and Kleinwalsertal. Although it’s at the beginning of the Alps, the scenery was already very impressive: from the Nebelhorn you have an impressive view on 400 summits (according to the local marketing, I didn’t recount them…). And that Nebelhorn, it’s easy to conquer it: by cable car. :-)  Starting from Oberstdorf we made several hikes in the neighbourhood of the Nebelhorn. On two occasions I pressed the ‘pauze button’: one time on a ‘via ferrata’ (a secured pathway) next to a chasm. And another passage near a top, I had seen that another group of hikers had troubles passing there, a few minutes later our guide told me I was right and the group returned to choose another path.

By the end of the week the weather changed, which was a nice occasion to visit the Breitachklamm: a long ravine, with an impressive volume of water passing it.



Did you see any of those crazy people who jump off the mountainsides with wing suits?

No Frank, no wing suits, only ‘ordinary’ paragliders jumping off the mountainsides. That’s already crazy enough for me 🙂
(I have fear of heights… I almost get sick watching those guys running into the void)

Thanks Eddy!

These pictures are excellent!

Warm Regards, Ingo

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