Usually this time of the year, I publish a post that begins with “I’ve been hiking on snowshoes for a week”, but the weather decided otherwise… I had booked a ‘snowshoe’ vacation, but due to the (extremely) warm weather, there wasn’t that much snow to find. And certainly not fresh, soft snow, the kind I love. So it became a hiking vacation, with sometimes climbing 800 meters in altitude, to be able to have some snow fun for about one hour and 200 meters in altitude. But overall it was a nice week. 🙂

The location this time was Valsesia, a region of Italy you probably have never heared of… Neither did I. At the end of the main valley, you can see the Southern part of the Monte Rosa mountains (if that rings a bell).

It used to be a region with a lot of villages, with a large population, but now only a few people are left in the villages that used to have several hundreds of inhabitants… And all villages had beautiful churches and chapels, with pretty frescos. And also interesting was the ‘Sacro Monte’ in the nearby town of Varallo, which shows many of the stories of the Bible. You can see images of those in the XL version.



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