Fragile (Zinneke Parade), May 2016

Lots of interesting people in Brussels last Saturday: the Zinneke Parade. The theme of this edition: ‘fragile’. Although the theme was chosen about two years ago, due to the terror attacks in March, it certainly got an extra dimension. The Zinneke Parade wanted to prove that Brussels lives and will live on.

On their website, they describe the theme as follows: “More than being just one theme amongst many, fragile determines the equilibriums in the world, of the living and of systems. Recognising that fragility is an undeniable grace rather than a fatal weakness allows us to change our perspectives, to rethink interdependencies and and dare to embrace deliberately sensitive ways of life.”

What is really interesting about the Zinneke Parade, is that they unite all kinds of people around a common theme. And they create, often with a very limited budget, something really nice. Kudos for that!


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