Old printing presses, June 2016

It can happen once in a while: a door opens for you and behind the door there is a truly wonderful world… My dear friend Frank Romano asked me to visit a letterpress shop with him during his short stay in Belgium. The owner, Patrick Goossens picked us up and drove us to an old warehouse just outside of Antwerp. Behind the door there was a truely unique collection of old printing presses and ancilliary equipment… Really impressive!

The pictures give you an impression of what is in the warehouse. And it certainly shows how pretty the old printing presses were, the eye for detail from the makers. A simple counter weight became a piece of art. The number of eagles was countless…

Thanks to a number of volunteers a number of printing presses can still be used. And they produce real pieces of art.

When we left the warehouse, we could only say one word: wow!


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  1. I want a picture of you and Frank together!

  2. I want to see a picture of you and Frank together!

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