The City of Wings Ypres, April 2019

For those who love street theater, it is the place to be: the street theater festival City of Wings Ypres. Almost 100 groups gave the best of themselves, an abundance of performances, choice stress was not far away…

The best performance that I saw was undoubtedly Mimo Huenchulaf, who also continuously and actively involved the spectators: in the photos you can see, e.g. how a couple is married, with a half-naked Christ on the cross in the background… All three volunteers from the audience. If you ever see Mimo performing anywhere, be sure to stand by it! But keep an eye on your smartphone, your bags…

And the most impressive thing for me was Moving Fire Arts, a feast for the eyes. Both during the day but much more after sunset… In this blog post you see a few photos of them, but there are many more in a separate post.


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