Grand Canyon, October 2006

A few times a year I travel for my job. In October 2006 I ended up in Las Vegas, for a conference/exhibition. Because it is a rather long trip from Belgium, I took a few days vacation to go to the Grandy Canyon, which is only a half day drive from Las Vegas.

The evening that I arrived at the Canyon, I found it a bit a disappointment… The issue is that the Canyon is so huge, that you can’t grab its full greatness when you’re on the ridge. The following two days, I went down the Canyon, and then it became really impressive… I made two day trips, which means that I only got halfway down… To reach the river, you need to do a two day hike: go down to the river on day 1, spend the night there, and go back up on day 2. And, if you ever want to do that: take water with you, plenty of water… Each year a few people die because they don’t have sufficient water with them. On one of the paths (the most popular one) you have a water point about every hour, but on other paths there are only water points at the start and at the end… During one of my hikes, I had a chat with a guy who had spend the night down the Canyon and he was going back up at that moment, but he only had about 1.5 liter with him, he was exhausted…


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