Also this year I extended my annual trip to Rochester (NY, USA) with a few days of vacation. This year I went to the Whiteface Region, near Lake Placid. Although it was a long drive (6 hours…) it was certainly worth while. It is a beautiful region (yes, I have something with mountains…). The peak of the turning of the leaves was already a few weeks over, but it was still quite colorful. And my ‘basecamp’ for the trip, the Hungry Trout, was really good. The restaurant offers excellent food. I can really recommend it.

I tried to climb Whiteface Mountain, from the side of Whiteface Landing, the difficult route… At about 2/3th I turned back: the terrain was at that point really difficult and I had a backpack with about 5 kg of (expensive) photo equipment with me, climbing some rocks with that didn’t seem a good option, I didn’t want to risk that equipment. 🙂

You probably know timing is everything. But sometimes you just need luck: the image with the canoe, well, that just happened to pass in front of me when I was taking a rest. The morning mist however, that was planned: that day I started quite early (when it was still very cold), hoping that there would be a nice mist at that lake. Which was indeed the case… 🙂

The skyline in the second picture is from Rochester (NY). And the restaurant picture is of course the Hungry Trout, with a view on Whiteface Mountain. Some pictures were a bit more postprocessed in DxO and DxO Filmpack than usual, e.g. the morning mist pictures got the look of a ‘cross processed’ Fuji Superia 200. Seemed appropriate. 🙂



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  1. Eddy,

    Thank you for the lovely photographs of the Adirondacks. I grew up close to the mountains, and went there often as a young person. your pictures make me want to go back!


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