Today should have been 23th March, but it has become ‘the day after 22th March’… The day after the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

It was a horrible day. But unfortunately, it wasn’t completely new to me… On 11th September 2001, I was packing my bags to fly from Chicago to Brussels, when I saw, live on TV, the second plane flying into the WTC, soon after that the towers were falling in front of my eyes. Eventually I could return to Belgium three days later, with the first flight leaving from Chicago. The three most unreal days in my life. That’s why my feelings of sympathy for the stranded travellers have an extra dimension. The sadness of the families of the victims, I can only try to imagine how that feels. The admiration for the emergency services are as big as on that 11th September.

This evening the MAS museum in Antwerp (Belgium) was covered in the Belgian flag, to honor the victims. For my girlfriend music is a salve for the soul, for me that’s images.


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