Port House Antwerp, September 2016

The city of Antwerp has a new landmark: the new Port House, a ‘diamant’ on top of the old Port House. Last WE, during the opening, I had the opportunity to take a quick look inside. Eddy


Shrimpfisherman on horseback, September 2016

They are UNESCO cultural heritage: the schrimpfisherman on horseback. I had planned for some time to make pictures of them, but for nice pictures you need the right setting, e.g. with the sun in the right place. So I checked their calendar and used a tool (The Photographer’s Ephemeris) to check the position of the… Read more »


Sainte-Chapelle (Paris), August 2016

The Sainte-Chapelle is definitely one of the hidden treasures of Paris. A small, but beautiful (royal) chapel in Gothic style, with a very large amount of stained glass. On a sunny day, the view is impressive. It must have been a devine experience for the people who visited the chapel in the old days… Eddy


Passages in Paris, August 2016

It might be one of the lesser known parts of Paris: the covered passages. But they are really interesting to see: they house a lot of interesting shops and little restaurants. Last week I got a private tour throught some of the passages, along with some other parts of Paris. Eddy


The Gardens of Séricourt, July 2016

A 1,5 hour drive from Kortrijk, you can find the Gardens of Séricourt. If you like gardens and happen to be in the neighbourhood, you should certainly visit it. It’s a private initiative and it is more or less the show case of some landscapers. A nice place to wander around… Eddy


Nord-Pas de Calais (France), July 2016

Now that my ‘second home’ moved to Kortrijk, the north of France is very close. The pictures were taken during some trips in the ‘Nord-Pas de Calais’ department, which is adjacent to the west of Flanders. Eddy


Herons, July 2016

When the weather permits, I take a walk to the park nearby (every person should take 10.000 steps a day and that’s more than you think…). During these trips, I’ve noticed a heron on several occasions. A beautiful bird! So I took my camera with me a few times. And it seems there is not… Read more »


Old printing presses, June 2016

It can happen once in a while: a door opens for you and behind the door there is a truly wonderful world… My dear friend Frank Romano asked me to visit a letterpress shop with him during his short stay in Belgium. The owner, Patrick Goossens picked us up and drove us to an old… Read more »


Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord, June 2016

Last week I was a few days in Germany. One of the days I visited the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord (Landschafstpark Duisburg-Nord). It used to be an industrial site, with a blast furnace, now it’s an industrial heritage site. The sheer size of the furnace, the plant, the site is immense… And where there used to… Read more »


Fragile (Zinneke Parade), May 2016

Lots of interesting people in Brussels last Saturday: the Zinneke Parade. The theme of this edition: ‘fragile’. Although the theme was chosen about two years ago, due to the terror attacks in March, it certainly got an extra dimension. The Zinneke Parade wanted to prove that Brussels lives and will live on. On their website,… Read more »

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