One of the things that I wondered about during the preparation of my trip, is what is still left of the Iron Curtain, the (almost) hermetically closed border between East and West. Well, there are multiple – even many – remnants left, as a memorial to the division, which not only dominated live in Europe, but all over the world. In many places nature has taken over the border, in other places there are still piece of the Iron Curtain standing, including watch towers and border controls.

The photos were made in different locations, under quite different weather conditions. While converting the raw images, I gave them a specific ‘look’, being an old film look, which brings more contrast to them, making them a bit more dramatic.


PS: this blog post is part of my trip to the former DDR (GDR). Here you can find the first blog post.

PSS: if you ever want to visit remnants of the Iron Curtain, this website is a good starting point (click on “Museen nach Themen” and next “Mauer und Grenze”.

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