Ceci n’est pas un lockdown – The Book

To view the book in ‘full screen’ modus: click on the crossed arrows. And hit ‘Esc’ to exit from that full screen mode. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move forward, backward. 

Buy the printed book! Click here to purchase your copy! (Of hier voor BE en NL!)
Do you want to see the book as it was intended? It is also available as a printed book! With an exclusive Swiss (or European) binding and printed according to the XCMYK-standard, with deeper blues than usual print jobs. An extraordinary book!

It wasn’t an easy trip to get this kind of job printed: the deep blue tints are quite difficult, sometimes the blue even becomes purple. But after an extensive search and a few tests, I eventually found a printer that can print the photo’s in the quality they deserve. Order your copy right now!

This unique ‘corona photobook’ gives an exceptional view of Antwerp during the corona crisis. For eight weeks I made a ‘health bike ride’ in the evening and weekend through a desolate Antwerp, with my camera as my sole companion. To portray the city during this unprecedented crisis. In spite of all the misery of corona and COVID-19, I also saw a lot of beauty, I captured a lot of beauty. “Unreal” and “Insane” are the two most heard reactions to this series of photographs. They deserved to be bundled in an exclusive photo book about this – hopefully – ‘once in a lifetime’ period.

The book also tells the story of the photos and the story of the corona crisis, using the highlights in the news. Enjoy my many trips through the city, while you stayed ‘safe in your cave’.


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