Ceci n’est pas un lockdown (Antwerp, Belgium), March 2020

Ceci n’t just un lockdown, this is not a lockdown. But the entire public life has almost completely vanished. Which leads to strange images: places that otherwise bustle with life, with activity, are now terrifyingly silent …

After it was announced on Friday March 13 that all cafes and restaurants had to close, I started taking photos of an ’empty’ Antwerp for the first time that weekend. And since a ‘health walk’ (or bike ride) is still allowed, I try to photograph some ‘busy’ place every night, every weekend day. Until the ‘lockdown’ is over, or it comes to a complete lockdown and I can only leave the house for groceries …

The past few days have been very strange, both my evening trips and a daily activity like shopping. And the cause of all that: a ‘thing’ of less than a thousandth of a millimeter… Many people have always considered themselves the pinnacle of evolution, as masters of the universe. And now such a small thing shuts down our entire society. A lesson in humility, if you ask me (but you probably won’t ask me 😉 ).


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