Amsterdam, March 2017

Last week we made a short city trip to Amsterdam (which is only 1,5 hours via high speed train). One of the action items was a visit to the Rijksmuseum, which is really interesting. And we also made the – mandatory – boat tour… Eddy

High Fens, January 2017

In Belgium we don’t get that much snow in winter time. So a few weeks ago, when there was a nice amount of snow, I went for a hike in the ‘High Fens’, a nature reserve in the Eastern part of Belgium. And it was freezing cold… 🙂 Eddy

The Pianists, January 2017

Yesterday my girlfriend had a house warming party, with a concert by two pianists. Here are some impressions… Eddy

2016 In Focus

2016 has come to an end, so it’s time for the annual overview. It has become a top 100, which wasn’t an easy selection… Enjoy! Eddy

Snowshoes (Queyras), December 2016

It has been a while that I did a hiking trip on snowshoes, but last week we made a really nice trip, in the Queyras region in France. Our base was La Maison du Gaudissard. It’s not only a really nice region, the weather was also really nice. Which resulted in a very large amount… Read more »

Arias and Duets, November 2016

Last WE I was at a small performance where two ladies sang some arias and duets from the most popular operas. I mostly enjoyed the presentation, which was done by my girlfriend. 😉 Eddy

Museum Broekerveiling, November 2016

An interesting place in Langendijk (see also this post), is the Museum Broekerveiling. It’s an old auction house, where the farmers could sail into with their boats, to get their vegetables auctioned. It is also the starting point for our boat trip with the ‘whisper boat’. Eddy

The realm of the thousand islands, November 2016

The realm of the thousands islands, that’s how the region of Langendijk (Netherlands) was called. And there indeed used to be thousands of small islands (14000 of them!). Now many of them have disappeared, but there still is a patchwork of canals and islands. The islands were used for farming, now it’s for residential homes…. Read more »

Port House Antwerp, September 2016

The city of Antwerp has a new landmark: the new Port House, a ‘diamant’ on top of the old Port House. Last WE, during the opening, I had the opportunity to take a quick look inside. Eddy

Shrimpfisherman on horseback, September 2016

They are UNESCO cultural heritage: the schrimpfisherman on horseback. I had planned for some time to make pictures of them, but for nice pictures you need the right setting, e.g. with the sun in the right place. So I checked their calendar and used a tool (The Photographer’s Ephemeris) to check the position of the… Read more »

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